Over the last yen years or so, we have been working on translating ancient documents and introducing Japan’s almost extinguished but yet deeply meaningful cultures and traditions. With the cooperation of many friendly, honest and diligent researchers and graduate students, we have decided to open this center.

 It goes without saying that all of them have profound professional knowledge of their own majors: literature, economics, laws, sciences and medicine etc, there are also lawyers, government-certified interpreters, and talented system engineers etc. We aim to officially establish our center next spring and promote a range of activities. Examples of these activities are written below.

We aim to deepen international understanding, provide information, support foreign students, and create different programs to increase international communication and introduce Japanese culture, we would like to promote culture, support local activities and contribute to the peace and prosperity all over the world.We want this global center to be a place where people can experience and think about the world, and in this regard we are counting on your cooperation.


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