Foreign student support
We help foreign students for free. Japanese classes, checking and improving documents in Japanese, information about schools and life in Japan, we support and help you as much as possible. No matter what the problem, we will do our best to help.
Enjoy Mastering Foreign Languages
Why don’t you join us speaking with native speakers? You want to learn Chinese? Are you worried about your English tests? Are you planning to take the JLPT?
Translation and Interpretation
Do you want our native staff members to translate or interpret? We can help you with correct and accurate translation of a variety of documents no matter what the theme.
Consultation and Counseling
All of our staff members have extensive professional knowledge of their individual majors: literature, economics, laws, sciences and medicine etc.
Facilities for Rent or Use
Provided your purposed activity does not go against our center’s mission, you are welcome to use our room for a variety of activities. While it goes without saying that our office has a friendly atmosphere, there is also a hint of serenity and elegance brought about by the underlying influence of Japanese traditional culture.
Mutual Respect, Mutual Development
Do you have any ideas for other activities? We will be more than delighted to help you with whatever we can.
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